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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The one person who taught me a lot more than i ever expected.
I never wanted a sibling 
never have i thought about mingling 
but he taught me to love people without tags and tag lines
he taught me the feeling of feeling for others unconditionally 
he made me do things i hate with a smile especially changing baby clothes or singing for them
he taught the lesson i so urgently needed to learn - PATIENCE 
this little devil is my neighbor's kid but the affection we have for him is beyond all doors of separation
love is beyond anything it makes a person HUMAN  i now feel it.

you don't have to make yourself love anyone; if you have goodness love will happen . one cannot try and love you should feel the love to love 
love is not to preserve it is to be shown and felt . 
True love is never ending it goes on and on stays there even if the people don't. 
He is truly a best teacher and all the kids are  when it comes to selfless love and affection.
kids are what we adults forget to be - innocent and giving

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  1. kids are amazing . They teach us so much in b/w this baby is so cute


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