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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My defination of Life( inspired by this very moment )

If world is a STAGE ………..
I would like to be the curtain puller of that stage..
Pulling the curtains in and out
For the characters  to come and perform on stage.

If world is a STAGE………
I would like to be the light technician
The one adjusting the intensity of light falling on the characters due to perform

If world is a STAGE……….
I would like to be the sweeper..
The one who sweeps the dust from the stage making way for cleanliness and clarity
To set on the STAGE

If world is a STAGE……
I would like to a Spectator
Watching and cheering for  the other characters
 To tune into their role easily

               Life is not a STAGE
                    Neither Am I a spectator

                            Life is a journey
                             With unsure beginnings and definite destination being DEATH
                                         And I’m a TRAVELER walking towards that destination
                                                   with a smile


  1. waise mujhe last lines bohat achi lagi. tune yeh hyd mein likha hai na

  2. hmm mujhe bhi .. waise tune yeh pada bhi hai ? :P


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