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Monday, November 7, 2011

A Friend

It's been a long time since i wrote something on my blog and i feel extremely guilty for neglecting my blog especially when i read other's blogs ... I immediately log off then to compress my guilt but today is different .. on the second week of my second semester im bunking all the four classes so I thought I should do something productive rather than filling up my bed.

   My life has changed alot from the last blog I posted .. I saw lot many faces that taught me a lot .. sense and non-sense, however, the non-sense preeching was unavoidable and  I kinda enjoyed it .. sometimes trash is interesting.

   out of all the faces I met in this college there are only two faces that I love the most and one is this girl.. My Friend MADHAVI... sometime I feel we are soulmates inspite of all the differences

# both of us are lazy bums.
# both of us give stiff competition to each other when it comes to bunking classes.
#both of US are among the lowest scorers in the last class.
# both of us are regualr visitors to the hospital due to our almost non-existing immune system.
# both of us are extremely moody.
#both of us laugh at anyone and everyone for no reason.
and so on

There are differences in our thinking but we are sensible enough to accomadate those differences and move further... I LOVE HER.. not only because she bought lot of pastries and made into a cake and decorated with some wild and ugly looking flowers for my b'day only to bring me out of my  I - MISS - MY BOYFRIEND- PHASE. offcourse b'day cake is one of the reason i fell in love with her ( it was delicious may be coz it was made of love along with the other ingredients).. but the main reasonS I love her is the fact that she is no more in my class and it is now that I realize and miss the amazing bond between us ..

I miss the cross - talks we used to do when the whole class WAS jumping on their chairs desperate to give answers to the teachers.. I miss the long chit-chats we used to do about our faculty.. now that we are in differnet class I donT'e even know who is teaching her..

Finally I'm happy to find her .. this seperation is temporary atleast she is ON my floor so I can manage with that much .
Her presence means alot and I'm sure I will have her even at the end of two years when I will be happily bidding bye to this college.

P.S - we all have our friends and we know they mean to us but have we ever told them that.. ? not really .. I just told her ..
 cheers to those awesome friends we have in our life...without them life would be like a sugarless expresso and I hate expresso LET ALONE THE SUGARLESS EXPRESSO.