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Friday, March 4, 2011

I Want To Feel My LOVE For You

 I love to love that someone..
   I thought I would never love.

       I ‘am longing to feel your presence close to my soul
         I want to love you the way I could never love myself
On a lonely rainy night
  I wish I was that rain drops falling on your lips

On a sunny day
  I wish I was the first ray of sunlight to kiss your skin

    I want to feel my love for you...
      Because your love makes me love myself
        I never felt I could love myself this much
          Before I started loving you

I want to love someone …
 Because I want to feel how it feels to be in love with someone

I want to love someone..
 Because I want to experience self less love for someone else except me

I want to love someone ..,
Because I know I can love someone with my heart and soul
And not just with  my body..


  1. kya baat hai poetry kuch zyada hi ho raha hai dimag toh thika hai na

  2. the "so called poetry " as you call it is weird yet very appealing i love it dhanya

  3. @ akhil - just trying it

    @ daya - thanks for ur equally weird comment :D

  4. the poem is more a reflection of ur frame of mind..ur longing to become selfless...yes indeed selflessness is the one that truly strengthens and makes u ready to give life a more wholesome purpose...keep writing..and i jst find that ur about me needs a bit of modification...wat if someone else doesnt care..u care enough for urself...


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