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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I 'am ME

I cry yet I care
I sulk yet I smile

I love like there is no tomorrow
I hate like each day is a sorrow

I loathe I lust
I live to trust

I laugh to hear my echo
I scream like a psycho

My heart lets me love you
My soul lets you touch me

I love you because I want to do so
I hate you because you make me do so

            With the bag full of pride and tissues of love on my shoulders
            I walk into infinity
            To make my destiny

I ‘am a WOMEN, you hear me tear away your inhibitions about me
Because I ‘am born to DIFFER  


  1. Amazing piece of writing. "I laugh to hear me Echo" .....wonderful!

    Brings out the depth of your heart & thinking while giving the aura of an energetic young girl demanding to be different; breaking the bars proclaiming the world to get prepared for her.

  2. wid watever u have shared wid me abt ur life....dis poem suite's u d best....awsum :)

  3. @ Abe - thanks buddy ..n i do laugh to hear my echo its so fun .. try it :D

    @Ankit - with wtever i hv shared ????? really rember the HITLER lover ? thanks for the comment :)

  4. cool...but you can do better..

  5. " I laugh to hear my echo
    I scream like a psycho " is my favorite line . You know why because this describes you in nutshell . Your so called poetry is getting better at least i like it

  6. oh I'am not a psycho nymore .. u should see tht urself :P n dont call this poetry i feel guilty :)


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