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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Beginning

As the clock struck 5 am the alarm went on. The shrieking voice of alarm forced her to get up from her bed. With heavy eyes she cursed herself and made her way to the washroom to freshen up. She could feel her heavy head and aching body’s growing pain but she forced herself to walk to the washroom. She checked the clock it was 5:25 am way too early for the time she decided for herself the night before but she wanted to look good today so she started right away. She scanned almost all her kurtas but at last she choose the black kurta with red and green border on sleeves and a V neck… she decided to wear it with her favourite peacock  green churidar.  She wore this for all the important days in her life in the past one and half year and today was nothing different. “The body ache was all because of her nervousness.” She consoled herself.
She took a quick bath, put on her kajal, wore the chosen dress and her kholapuri sandals. The clock stuck 6:30 am now she was good to go. For a second she could not help but adorn herself. She knows that she is not conventionally beautiful but she had a charming face; a charm that stands out for its innocent appeal. Being a big fan of ethnic products she always managed to stand out in the crowd. It was 6:45 am now… she quickly grabbed her bag and rushed out of her room.
As she moved forward she could feel her legs getting heavier but she forced herself to move fast. Today her body and brain refused to coordinate. She reached the stop much before time and she was relieved. She took out her phone and saw her face on the screen, a final touch up was needed for her charming face. She then waited and waited like she was waiting for eternity. She was nervous and excited at the same time. This was the big day for her. She waited long for this day and this journey to start. Her wandering thoughts were bought back to reality by a husky voice calling out her name … she turned back to see Ronit. She greeted him and vice versa. They stood in silence for some time and after few minutes he wished her luck.
She checked her watch…she still had 20 minutes to board the bus. To pass the minutes and seconds until the bus arrives she decided to pay attention to Ronit’s looks. He was wearing a black shirt with beige coloured trousers. Ronit is one of the reasons why she is here. Ronit with his chiselled looks and warming humour sense sweeped her off her feet the day she saw him and here  she is about to share the seat with him… be with him for 8 hours a day and listen to his husky voice over and over again. Her face was screaming out her happiness but she kept her excitement low. The bus arrived she boarded the bus. She sat next to Ronit. They started talking. He told her about his family, his hobbies and interest and asked the same to her; she reciprocated. She could feel the adrenaline rush every time their arms rub against each other every time the bus hits a bumper on the uneven roads of Hyderabad. Neither of them bothered to move their arms apart. It was a long journey but she was enjoying every bit of it. As the bus moved towards its destination they got deeply engrossed in their small talks. Ronit complemented her for her beautiful eyes and her dimples; she blushed. Finally they reached their destination.
 As the guard was verifying the IDs with the No. Of people present in the bus, she spotted the big bold letter flashing the name of her destination in maroon and navy blue coloured stones. She felt good after seeing this place. Ronit walked with her to the final destination. She saw 6 guys and 4 girls wearing smart formals, high heels and pencil skirts. She felt out of place because she knew she is one of them yet she looks nothing like them. She gathered her courage and with a confident smile that came with endless practise she headed towards the group, she looked back to see Ronit standing there smiling. She smiled back and moved ahead.
After the initial introduction within the group she felt comfortable. She was talking to the people in the group yet her eyes were searching for Ronit. They didn’t find him. After 20 minutes a beautiful lady in a maroon coloured cotton sari with black borders and with a smiling face asked them to follow her to the conference room. The group members obeyed. After entering the room they started to scan the conference room which was large enough to accommodate 100 people at a time. Comfortable chairs with coffee holders, an empodium in the centre and few chairs close to it facing the crowd and a projector and the white board on the wall behind the empodium facing the projector. The lady in sari asked the group members to take their seats. They all grabbed their seats in the middle row. As soon as they were seated 4 guys and 3 girls in smart looking formals took their seats in the front row. She identified one face among those guys and it was Ronit. They exchanged a quick smile. They were the departmental heads and the regional heads.
At first Ronit Menon Process Head of south Indian region addressed the crowd. He gave a brief intro about himself and how he climbed up the ladder of success with ease and reached heights at the young age of 31. Once he was done the other regional and department heads addressed the crowd and then the new joiners were asked to introduce themselves. Ronit invited her first.
From the first time he saw her in her campus he liked her. He had been too many campuses and interviewed many people but she had something in her that made him think of her ever since he saw her.He dint make any recommendations to his colleagues who were also the panel member for the interview process but he was elated to know that she was selected. He dint know that she would finally be reporting to Ronit but here destiny was being very generous with him and he sure dint have any complains about it. He waited long to finally meet her and today he was beyond happy as he saw her after 2 months since the interview. He dint drive to the office today, he instead walked to bus stop boarded APSRTC bus and then reached the stop where he saw her standing with eyes set on infinity. They both waited for the company bus. He kept his emotions in control and spoke to her. She is beautiful he told himself. She is different from the girls he usually meets. They talked all the way. He decided to ask her out for a coffee today before lunch. He dint bother about the gossip mills in the office because all the mattered to him was the spark that she had.
On being invited for the introduction, she slowly moved towards the empodium she could feel nervousness in every inch of her body but she dint let her confident smile fade away. This is the day she waited for she told herself. She turned towards the crowd and scanned the room and the eyes looking at her and then she saw Ronit; he smiled at her and his eyes guided her to shoot her charm.
Hello everyone I’m Nina Kaur and I’m from Bangalore. Her confidence came back. With excellent communication skills and a pleasing smile she spoke her mind and everybody applauded. As she returned to her seat she could see admiration and envy reflecting in the eyes of the group members except Roshni , the girl from Mumbai. She complemented her for way she spoke. She saw ronit looking at her. Their eyes exchanged more conversations than their words have. Both of them knew they liked each other’s company. One by one everyone introduced themselves to others and the introduction was over.
 The new joiners were asked to visit the campus, roam around and see the campus after meeting Anita, the lady in maroon sari who will assign cubicles and stationery to the new joiners and later lunch by 1:00 pm. Nina and Roshni walked together to the main area. They reached the main area. They all got their mentor allocations and teams. When Nina was told about her mentor and her superior she could not believe the generosity of lady luck on her and she demanded roshni to pinch her to bring her back. Nina was overjoyed… Ronit will be her mentor and roshni and naina are in the same team with 4 other guys reporting to Ronit.
Roshni and Nina filled with happiness went for the campus tour. She saw Ronit coming from the other side.” So you guys are reporting to me.. Huh” Asked Ronit to the both of them. The reply was instantly a yes filled with excitement. He asked the girls and especially Nina if they would like to join him for the campus tour with 3 more people from the group of MBA graduates and as expected they joined him. As they went around seeing what happens in a company all the new joiners were happy to be a part of a fortune 500 company with a good package. Nina was happy for other reasons as well. She was happy to have roshni and ronit close by. The tour ended. It was time for lunch. Nina was not hungry so she was waiting in a corner trying to stay away from food and chatting with random people and forgetting the name the moment they say it. She felt a pat on her shoulders and there he was.
Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me…? I’m not hungry and I can see neither are you. Without waiting for an answer he led her to the coffee shop just outside their campus. They both smiled to themselves and walked together. Roshni saw them walking outside and she was happy to see nina happy. She already likes nina, having somebody like her to work with would be a great experience. With many smiling faces and a lot more simple to come the first day went by beautifully.

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  1. nicely written Dhanya,makes for a warm read..the post shimmering with emotions..


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